30 Years Experience

We are veterans in the industry. Specialist knowledge of asbestos construction, re-roofing and council regulations gives us the edge over the rest

Professional Service

We are fully insured and have a Worksafe Class 3 Licence for your piece of mind. We put the safety of you and your family first. We conduct ourselves professionally in all aspects of our work.

Preferred Contractor

Asbestos Masters are the preferred contractor in the Peel region for asbestos removal and stripouts. We run a weekly pick-up service for your convenience.


If you are renovating, or just looking for peace of mind Asbestos masters can offer a safe Asbestos removal service. If you need to save money or do the job in your own time, we can even supply the knowledge and safety gear for DIY removal. We can then provide a pickup service to carry the removed asbestos away.

Dave, Tim and their team at Asbestos Masters are veterans of the industry. They provide a number of services that make them leaders in the field -

Out of Hours Removal Times - Asbestos Masters understand the logistical difficulties in removing Asbestos from a work area. In order to maximise the safety factor for your employees, and also to minimise lost productivity and downtime, Asbestos Masters can deliver their removal services outside of your business' normal trading hours.

On Call Air Monitoring Service - Through our relationships with laboratories in the Eastern States, Asbestos Masters can test the air on site during removal, to allow your company or department to ascertain the levels of asbestos exposure prior to, and during removal, if indeed any has occured.

Fencing Removal - Over time, Asbestos fencing exposed to the elements becomes fibrous and creates a health hazard. Have your fencing removed according to safety regulations, to give you and your family peace of mind.

Buried Asbestos - It was not uncommon practice, up until recent times, to simply bury asbestos on a property. These caches of buried asbestos represent a real health hazard and should be removed with full safety equipment and in a specialised manner.

Advice - If you need advice on the proper manner in which to remove asbestos, then give Dave Hargreaves a call on 0418 945 660 or call 1800-4-ASBESTOS.

Re Roofing

Weekly Pickup Service

If you have asbestos stting around, that has been removed, give us a call. Asbestos Masters run a Weekly Asbestos Pick Up Service though your area.

Asbestos Masters service the whole Peel Region, from the Naval Base to Waroona and inland as far as Boddington. Wherever Mandurah Mail or Murray Mail are delivered, a pickup can be organised.

Use Abestos Masters' service for peace of mind, and to minimise your costs, as disposing of asbestos as an individual can be expensive.

All you have to do is cover the Asbestos, give us a call and Asbestos Masters will do the rest.


Asbestos Masters' Strip Out service involves removing all of the asbestos from particular rooms or all areas of the premises. All surfaces are denailed and vaccumed, the floor is cleaned and site washed down to make it as safe as practically possible.

Walls and ceilings can be replastered, and lino can be layed down.


Asbestos Masters offer a complete site clean with complete asbestos removal, tree removal, septics pumped and "decommissioned", tank removed or backfilled, and deep sewer lines are cut and capped.

Asbestos Masters specialises in the demolition of timber framed fibro housing. Most are asbestos, and must be pulled down by hand and removed in full sheets with minimal breakage.

About Asbestos Masters

Welcome to Asbestos Masters. If your house needs a new roof, Asbestos Masters has over 30 years experience. We offer same day re-roofs and are fully insured with a Worksafe Class 3 License for your peace of mind. Plus with every Zincalume re-roof, Asbestos masters will upgrade from Zincalume gutters and fittings to Colorbond at no extra cost! Plus, we'll throw in a FREE whirleybird roof vent.

At Asbestos Masters we offer a wide range of services including but not limited to Asbestos Removal, Re-Roofing, Pick-Ups and Weekly Pick Up Services, Strip Outs and Demolitions.

Asbestos Masters is the preferred contractor for:

If you require asbestos removal and/or advice, call Dave Hargreaves on 0418 945 660 or 1800-4-ASBESTOS.

Asbestos Masters mainly services the following areas:

Dave Hargreaves

: asbestosmasters.wa1@bigpond.com
: 0418 945 660
: PO Box 3507 Mandurah 6210





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